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Prime Pools and Landscaping Ltd was founded in 2017 by Jesse Schulz & Brad Besser. After working together for a few years on many projects, it was a natural progression to combine what both have a passion for, under one roof.

Having 30 years of experience in the pool industry between us, we are confident in taking on any project, especially anything out of the box. 

Our company lives on 5 CORE VALUES

These five core values continuously permeate through our professional and personal life and we
look forward to proving that to you by helping build your very own backyard paradise! 


This is the base of our entire approach to providing quality service and building relationships within our company and with our clients. Effective communication to us means being open, honest and constructive for the betterment of everyone around us even if it is awkward or difficult. We focus on solutions, rather than problems and clear communication helps us find those solutions.


Holding ourselves and those around us accountable for behaviours, actions and performance. It’s taking absolute ownership in every aspect of life, to be able to perform at our highest level. We accept responsibility for our actions/inactions and use every situation as an opportunity to grow personally and as a business.

Everything Matters Always

From how we pack our tools to how we build pools, no detail is to go unnoticed. Our work is a reflection of ourselves and our intentions and we strive to notice and care above even the tiniest details. We are purposeful in everything we do as it helps us be prepared to take on the day with a positive attitude and ability to contribute to the world around us.


Knowing those around us have our best intentions in mind at all times. We build trust in every relationship through every interaction by doing what we say we are going to do. Our clients have trust in us to build something they can love and enjoy with their friends and family and we see that as a sacred bond that cannot be broken. If we trust each other, we can conquer any task.


Family is the reason we come to work everyday. Treating friends, coworkers and clients as an extension of our own family, we take care of one another and invest in the growth of each other and our work.  In our family, the best ideas win, but we still extend patience, empathy and care to others ideas and views. We won’t always agree on everything but we will work together to become better. We care about our family above all else.